The Atheist Speaks

The Atheist Speaks

If you were to show me paradise,
Would I believe what I saw?
If you showed happiness through your eyes,
I would treat you like your nerves were raw;

God is a contradiction,
You say he exists, I see he does not,
For if he did, he'd be guilty of resignation,
From active duty, and of being an underachiever;

You say I'm here and that proves God,
You refuse to believe evolution,
Place the burden of religion on my shoulders broad,
And corrupt me with the carrot of salvation;

You're not satisfied with your delusion,
You want everyone to be neurotic,
An atheist must convert or face seclusion,
You say you shun power, but I'm sure you find it pretty erotic;

Afterlife interests you, for this one you wasted,
Hoping you'll get another chance, either that
or you want to believe you're right, that you were tested,
And you now want the spoils of fanaticism;

And its not enough that you follow your God,
For you have to force me to do the same,
You wish to make me believe the ultimate sham,
And command my actions in someone else's name;

You blame the devil for everything wrong,
And still claim faith in your omnipotent God,
If he's so powerful, why does the devil exist?
Unless its all a game, a magnificent fraud;

You curse me, abuse me, 'cause I dare to ask questions,
And I think of rationality, trying to be rational,
This is not tolerated, and there is opression,
You call me a heretic, or even anti-national;

But I still don't give a bat's wing,
For your God and for the lot of you,
For I will die and my shell will burn,
You'll die and lose thy holy carcass too.

(c) 2001, Shaunak Agarkhedkar.
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