Is this the city we live in?

Is this the city we live in?

As I stand high upon this hill,
Dark air surrounds me,
A dark moonless night,
Takes away beautiful light,
I see a jungle of buildings high,
Crowded streets between them lie,
Burdened with many, the streets can't grapple,
The growing masses that pass over;

On such a street in such a place,
There lives a child, his name I don't know,
His parents died (or so I think),
He begs for money,
Money for food,
Food for life,
A life he cherishes,
Life for death,
A death he fears,
Besides him an old hag rests,
Forever does she seem to brood,
Brooding over her misery,
Nobody cares about her,
She lives on alms,
Alms for Food,
Food for life,
A life she doesn't want to live;

Yonder lies a beautiful structure,
Where politicians squabble about their peer's remarks,
They promised to remove misery and suffering,
Now after themselves, they name places and parks,
They belive 'GOD helps those who HELP THEMSELVES',
So themselves they help, to other people's money,
No justification to those 'served' by them,
Questions about their integrity are funny,
By questioning their integrity you question
Things that do not exist,
A wild goose chase for integrity;

Beyond this structure, a petite river,
Once clean, now a sewer,
The fish in it, they died lang syne,
People throw in it garbage evermore,
Its water is black as the air above it,
Untreated sewage bleeding through it,
Politicians in the structure say,
They have no money for treating the sewage,
Yet there is plenty to buy new cars and increase their pay;
Plenty to build memorials to mortals long gone,
Mortals who visited this city but once,
Who had nothing to do with this city we live in;

On the bank of this sewer,
They are building a road,
Because from the very beginnig,
There has been no planning,
The traffic in this city can't be controlled,
New roads can't be built,
All the land is sold,
And yon live many families in hutments,
Can't afford good housing in this city we live in,
They had no sanitation facilities for the Govt. didn't care,
The Govt. required voters uneducated, unfair,

And on the other side of this metropolis,
Stands an infirmary, neglected,
It faces a cash crunch, for sports
Not health be unaffected,
Due to lack of funds,
The Mayor considers sport crucial,
For the health of a city sick,
So an infirmary's resources are used,
For politicians to pick,
Accolades from mortals misguided,
For sports are more important
Than free medical care to anyone,
Except the Mayor,
But he doesn't care,
He's got specialists
who, formal clothes do wear,
And he's got resources - no justification given;

Nearby stands a University,
Dedicated to this city ill,
Temple of knowledge it was auld langsyne,
Till corruption ate away at that educational vine,
A plant only namesake,
A temple fake,
Of education long forgotten;

Roads of asphalt make way for them,
The building of concrete roads will not end,
Part by part, they put them up,
Completed parts worsening till the day is up,
And Traffic throttled on roads overbusy,
Trucks and buses make you wish
You could go for a swim with the jammy fish,
Keep wishing, for the river petite,
Has no intention of becoming neat.


Hill - Parvati
Beautiful Structure - PMC
Mortals Long gone - Maulana Azad
Families in Hutments - Near Juna Bazar
Mortals misguided - People who vote for these cretins

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