A Dream Eclipsed

We humans build temples,
And mosques with minarets tall,
An eclipsed moon:
It does seem so small;

Yet, our achievements,
They amount to zilch,
Man against Man,
Their brains filled with filth;

One part of ourselves,
Reaches for the sky,
The other part still fights with others,
Unwilling to die;

Scanning the heavens,
Day in and Day out,
'We need a lot of help here',
For that we're willing to shout;

The skies - so peaceful,
A seamless veil of blue,
To what lies beyond them,
We have no clue;

Trying our best,
For achieving something new,
Most are misguided,
The dreamers are too few;

For false causes,
People dying in God's own name,
Unreasonable promises,
They make me hang my head in shame;

Fraternity - 'tis dead now,
Xenophobia figures high,
Lennon had a utopian dream,
But its too late, nigh;

In this world today,
Rationality goes for a toss,
Distorted reality,
Infinite chaos;

And in this chaos,
We dream some dreams,
Bloodshed and gore around me,
My mind - it screams;

Some day down the line,
When the sand is red and pink,
Mayhaps the plebes will look back and wonder,
'Did we, for ourselves, ever think?'

I hope I won't be there then,
That sight will give me pain,
The feeling of having seen this before,
Will make me go insane.

(c) 2001, Shaunak Agarkhedkar.
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