Welcome, my son, to the machine,
Fear not, the suffocating feeling
Is us stripping you of your dreams,
We'll take away those meadows green,
Mountains high 'neath blue sky,
You'll forget the song you sang so long,
Replace your laugh with a cynical sigh,
And work like a dog waiting to die;
We'll turn your heart into stone,
Give you cold eyes that never cry,
Kill the child in that soul you own,
Blur the line 'tween truth and lie,
You'll reap what for years was sown,
Forget how you wanted to fly,
Soar high,
You wanted trees tall, brown and green,
They're all gone from this world now,
Soon they'll be gone from your dream;
You'll work hard to earn a good life,
Build weapons to cause damage unseen,
Earn money to placate your husband or wife,
And wonder, 'What does this life mean?'
You won't hurt, won't know why,
When those you love begin to die,
You'll never drink from a clear blue stream,
You won't know what it is,
'Cause you'll never ever dream,
Butterflies gone, you will be scared,
But you won't know how to scream,
You'll see the machine with its fangs bared,
Waiting for you to step inside,
To devour you completely prepared;
The only jungle you'll ever know,
Concrete and metal full of others like you,
Working as dogs, smiles on their face,
A veil to hide the torment inside,
Who'll smile with laugh tracks, comedy debased,
Don't run, you cannot hide
From this machine, the human race.

(c) 2003, Shaunak Agarkhedkar.
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