A God, life, e'en a prankster

I wrote this while sipping tea at a small shack-of-a-hotel at the Konkan end of the Tamhini Ghat. I was on my way to Diveagar, about 40 odd kms north of Harihareshwar, a hundred odd kms south of Mumbai, on the western coast of Maharashtra, India. This is about the journey and the anticipation.

As I start along my journey,
The moon - full and to my left,
The sun - young, an infant, of honey,
Of its scorch and torture bereft;

The road meanders when I use it,
Hidden by trees from heavens azure,
I want to silently sit,
'Take in' a nature that's itself, pure;

Clouds rise high along mountains,
Seek to conquer blue sky,
Instead end as beauteous fountains
On a ground nigh high;

The blue on ground matches
The heavens above, as the river
Appears from naught, ends,
Yeilding to power that makes me quiver;

The sea, the sea, the blue-brown monster,
A cuddly bear to me, to some - infinite fear,
Variously a God, life, e'en a prankster,
Calls out louder as I draw near.

(c) 2003, Shaunak Agarkhedkar