War and Peace

War and Peace

Every day you wake up
To news of senseless killing,
Every day your heart cries out,
You vow to return the shelling;

And every passing day adds
To anger bottled up,
You hate you neighbour - your brother,
You've wish'd his time were up;

You raise a war cry,
You martyrize yourself and your brothers,
They killed your child,
So you go and kill another's;

The killing continues for ever,
'cause you've martyred yourself, you inspire others,
To redden the soils of your motherland,
To kill your misguided brothers;

Now you're convinced war is here,
You're convinced bloodshed leads to happiness,
The red sands below your feet cry out,
Children have a right to peace, them, you should bless;

For peace brings developement of the mind and of society,
War eats away at society from the inside,
Killings escalate like fear and terror,
Your thoughts stray to the dark side;

War makes you lose all direction,
All hopes - they're slayed
As are lives, innocent,
Cut like grass by a mower's blade;

Lennon dreamt a dream
That started with a single word - 'imagine',
I await, with tears of blood,
A time of unending famine,
A famine of wars,
A drought of killing.

(c) 2001, Shaunak Agarkhedkar.
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