All my poems are thoughts as they flowed from my mind, my heart and my soul.
My self 'portrait' has been scanned and uploaded here.
All poems (c) 2001, 2002, 2003, Shaunak Agarkhedkar.

The new stuff

The Mount Awaits Forever
In Time
A God, life, e'en a prankster About my recent (18/5/03) trip to Diveagar in Konkan.
Menial: a treatise on term work
Lost: one child, age unknown
The Santoor speaks through the river - a poem written before my journey to Jammu and Kashmir in December 2002

Better poems

A Dream Eclipsed This poem won me second place in the creative writing competition in my college
Satiety (formerly Satiatedness)
My muse is dead
My muse lives
Kill the Maverick
A dark, cold dream
The Atheist Speaks
Why is daddy dead?
Is this the city we live in?
War and Peace
When the bullet hits the bone
There were other poems, but I've removed them right now.

Criticism is appreciated. Mail me at shaunak@gmx.net. with anything you have to say about my poems.